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New Online Marketing Services

We appreciate that times are changing and whilst a lot of people will still want to use the traditional estate agent and their services, others may feel more confident in being more involved in the sale of their property, whilst making a significant saving at the same time. Here at Kemp & Co we are now able to offer everyone a choice in service, tailor made to suit the individual and their circumstances.

We will use our reliable suppliers and marketing expertise to shoulder the work of marketing your property leaving you to show potential buyers round.

You will receive a unique password to access your account where you will be able to add products to the basic package at anytime, upgrade your marketing, produce more brochures, add professional photography and much more!


How Does It Work?

Why choose this service?

This service is particularly aimed at clients who would like more control and self participation in the sale of their property whilst keeping fees to a minimum.

What is the difference between this service and a standard estate agency service?

This service is to provide clients with the tools they need to "be their own agent". The fee charged is based on marketing costs only and no further commission will be deducted once a sale has completed unless you would like to upgrade to a Negotiation Package. Unlike our traditional agency services, once your property is on the market, you will carry out your own viewings with unlimited marketing until your property is sold.

What is the difference between this service and other online estate agents?

Online estate agents will not have the local knowledge of the market or the area when talking to clients. Kemp & Co will provide you with all the information you need to come to a decision over price and the best way in which to market your property, according to local market conditions and trends. They will also be able to talk to potential purchasers more in depth about your property and where it is situated, making it more likely that they commit to a viewing. The higher the volume of viewings, the more likely it is to achieve a sale. Some online agents do not provide essential market appraisals or provide market comparables to enable to make practical core decisions from the outset.

Unlike other online services, we are local to you. If you need face to face advice at any point throughout your sell, you are welcome to visit the office.

Where will you market my home?

Under our standard package your property will automatically be advertised on Rightmove, Zoopla & Primelocation as well as our own website.

Will you visit my home?

YES! We will visit your property as if you were coming onto the market under our traditional estate agency services. We will provide you with evidence of the current local market, establish a marketing price, measure up, take details and photos of your property in order to prepare your property for marketing and talk you through the selling process.

Am I tied into a sole agency agreement?

NO! This is a marketing package only; there are no tie-ins, no exit penalty fees and no additional commissions. This is a marketing only service for which you pay a one off, up front fixed fee and you decide how long you wish to use our service. There is no minimum or maximum contract period. However if you withdraw your property from the market and wish to return to it again at a later stage, fees will apply once more.

Why are the fees upfront?

This is a marketing service; the upfront fees are to cover marketing costs. It provides you with all the tools you require to sell your home as an agent would do, but with significant savings. Ordinarily, estate agents cover their marketing costs under their commission fees, which of course, do not apply in these circumstances.

Can I market my property with Kemp & Co if it is already on the market with another agent?

You can market your property simultaneously with another agent if you wish to do so, however if you have entered into a sole agency agreement with another agent you will be liable for their fees, even if the purchaser has been found via Kemp & Co.

How long after the photographs, measurements, EPC, floor plans etc are carried out, will my property be listed on the internet?

After our visit, we aim to get your property onto the internet within 48hrs.

Do I have to make my own viewing arrangements?

No, Kemp & Co will filter all leads and qualify all applicants before contacting you to coordinate a viewing. We will then arrange for a mutually convenient time between yourself and the viewer for you to show your property.

What happens if I need to change the marketing price of my property?

If you need to make a price change, the costs to do so will be covered under the initial upfront fee. Any additional price changes after that can be undertaken by logging into your account and adding to your cart.

Are there any hidden costs?

Absolutely not! What you see is what you get, a simple upfront fee in exchange for a comprehensive marketing package with no ties.

Are you members of any professional bodies?

Yes! Whether you opt for our traditional estate agency services or our online deals, we are members of The Property Ombudsman and you have a right to redress under their scheme.

Do you have a secure payment system?

Yes! We use RomanCart. A key aspect of a shopping cart is the security. RomanCart uses min 128bit SSL EV encryption which gives Green Bar security. This shows our customers (using compatible browsers) a green colour in the address bar just like you see on eBay and PayPal.

I have paid for "Be Your Own Agent" marketing fees upfront but I now feel I'm out of my depth and I'm not sure what to?

You can call us for guidance, if you feel you do not have the confidence to carry on you can upgrade to one of our standard packages at any time and your marketing fee will be deducted from your sale fee, once the sale has completed.

I have more questions, what can I do?

CALL US! 01305 251800 - We're happy to speak directly about any aspect of our services and look forward to your call.